Somewhere in Nevada

About me

I'm a director/producer whose double helix consists of production experience and development know-how. I’m a creative leader, problem-solver and dot-connector—driven by curiosity. With a foundation in nonfiction television, I've developed IP for brands, agencies and emerging digital networks and taken them to market. I'm always seeking opportunities where I'm able to wear at least two hats, give high-5's daily and create content that truly connects with an audience.

A bit more about me: I hail from North Carolina and I'm a lover of Dubble Bubble gum, American made denim, my dog (@cinnamonontheside) and the work of Brene Brown. I currently call California home, but go where I'm needed.  If you wanna talk content of any kind or BBQ preference, I'm up for either.

 Let's chat, already.

To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real, is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.
— Brene Brown