Hello Sunshine-Director of Content // April 2017- September 2017 - LOS ANGELES

-Served as creative barometer for digital video content on all platforms; including Hello Sunshine’s DirecTV VOD channel.

-Served as thought-leader, process-maker and tastemaker for video as content needs grew daily within the start-up.

-Worked hand in hand with Executive Editor to determine the content strategy, production plan and budgets for all video.
-Acted as executive producer/director for native content featuring founder, Reese Witherspoon.
-Identified talent to expand the Hello Sunshine brand, both on and behind the camera.

Hearst Digital Media-Special Projects, Development Producer  [FREELANCE] // Dec 2016- April 2017 - NEW  YORK

-Served as right-hand to SVP, identifying creative opportunities for native and branded video productions.

-Developed video content for all Hearst Digital Media brands; focused on bringing mid-to-long-form concepts to the premium digital OTT market. 

-Collaborated with various editorial teams to mine flat content to transform into repeatable video formats.

Refinery29-Video Development [Hired Gun] // Aug 2015- February 2016 - NEW  YORK

-Developed video content for all platforms of business for R29; focused on bringing mid-to-long-form concepts to the premium digital OTT market. 

-Responsible for creating interactive video concepts  collaborating with Eko to wow potential brand partners in the room.

-Collaborated with editorial team to mine flat content to transform into repeatable video formats.

-Remained gritty pushing creative boundaries with growing budgets and empowered all junior producers to do the same.

Riot Creative/Leftfield Entertainment- Senior Director of Development// December 2014- July 2015 - NEW  YORK

-Responsible for developing innovative concepts, formats and character-driven television shows to sell to all content markets, cable and beyond.

-Maintained constant, open dialogue with various network executives determining what leads to pursue with the development team daily.

-Received directives from CEO, President and VP and ran with them.

-Supported  VP in assessment of co-production projects to partner with to bring to market.

SundanceTV-Director of Development, Unscripted// August 2013-October 2014 - NEW  YORK

-Responsible for creating, developing and executing unscripted originals  for SundanceTV.

-Oversaw multiple projects independently in a fast-paced environment, from initial pitch meetings through attending pilot shoots to series.

-Established and maintained strong industry relationships with production companies, agents, talent, writers and producers.

-Served as the department go-to to develop short-form extensions of long-form projects to create digital opportunities.

-Managed department needs acting as liaison between business affairs, marketing, branded entertainment, ad sales and digital.

Trailblazer Studios-Head of Development// January 2008- August 2013 - RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA

-Served as creative lead for all content opportunities from cable television to branded entertainment with agency clients.

-Responsible for developing marketable original concepts, formats and character-driven television shows to sell.

-Executed the development, production and post of all sizzle reels, character reels and concept reels; the whole she-bang—from sourcing the talent to pitching in the room.


@ Ace Content: San Pellegrino x Tan France: Red Carpet Ready, Director

@ Sid Lee: The North Face, Spring 2019 Collection videos, Agency Producer

@ Station 10: Development Consultant [currently]

@ Hello Sunshine: Director/Producer, native content; DirecTV VOD channel content development, Master the Mess

@ Hearst Digital Media: Special Projects Consultant, December 2016-April 2017; Facebook Watch, A+E networks

@ Warm Springs Productions: Development Executive Consultant, May 2016-April 2017; Built by Music with Sony Music

@ Myriad Media: Director/Producer, IBM branded entertainment

@ Refinery29: Developed content for premium digital market including: ABC, Comcast Watchable and Netflix.

@ Leftfield Pictures: Director/Producer, Buying the Dream, Bravo; Football Town, NFL Network 

@ SundanceTV: Executive Producer, The Approval Matrix; Producer, The Writers’ Room (S2) & Dream School (S2)

@ Trailblazer Studios: Executive Producer/Director HGTV’s Salvage Dawgs, now in it’s 10th Season on Discovery; Producer/Director on various branded entertainment campaigns including clients: Sheetz, IBM, Volvo Trucks, Travelocity. Producer/Director, Figure 8 Films Jon & Kate Plus 8: Inside Kate’s World-TLC; Producer/Director, SnakesKin-Animal Planet


-A self-starter, who is assertive, enthusiastic and highly motivated both on set and in an office.

-Strong relationships with key players in the video space, including producers, writers, directors, production companies, et al. 

-A seemingly endless ability to generate concepts and video franchises.

-Notches on my belt representing extensive production experience and development knowledge, from linear to  OTT.

-Strong communication skills and unique relationship building ability due to Southern charm.

-A love for the Back to the Future trilogy, gluten-free cookies and the work of Brene Brown. 

-Above all, a team player that works well with others, but isn’t afraid to score on their own.


-Graduate of North Carolina State University: Bachelor of Arts: Mass Communication with a Media Production focus

-Print only when you must & Keynote.

-You make your own luck.